Invicta’s technology solutions for revenue cycle management are all about optimizing processes, saving time and increasing revenue. We asked Invicta’s Division President, Derek Shaw, to talk to us about what’s on his mind these days in the tech solutions space.

What are you most excited about right now?
That’s a loaded question! We definitely have some new services and solutions in the pipeline. That said, I think one of our best technology solutions for clients right now is access to real-time claim status to 700+ payers nationwide and real-time eligibility checks for more than 1,000 payers.

When you say “real-time,” what does that mean? Why does the real-time element make a big difference for a hospital or healthcare system client?
A manual claim status or eligibility check for a patient simply takes much more time than electronic verification. Real-time verification accelerates the process, improving revenue cycle management results for your facilities. Whether you want to use real-time API or “Next Day” batch connectivity, Invicta can customize your solution and identify and secure all available coverage options for your uninsured/self-pay patients. We have flexible file exchange workflows, so we complete the work overnight with viable responses back to clients the following morning.

How do you deliver these reports to your clients?
First, Invicta doesn’t require our clients to purchase separate batches for eligibility versus claim status. Whether you are looking to verify a patient’s coverage, or looking for a claim status for your Rev Cycle team, both are available with a single subscription. Second, when we provide a response, we share it in a way that allows the recipient to easily see data elements (via API JSON or .csv) at the claim level as well as the line-item level. Finally, we deliver reporting via an SFTP custom-built just for you.

Are all payers included for clients who utilize these solutions?
Yes, all payers are included – including Medicare, Veterans Administration, Medicaid and HMOs, and all major commercial and managed care payers. And, with Claim Status for Medicare part A and Medicare part B, we will add your client NPI/Tax IDs to our Medicare access. Interested facilities and vendor partners should definitely reach out to our sales team and we can provide them with a payer listing for the solutions.

How does your process impact patient satisfaction and experience?
We can take tedious, time consuming tasks off your plate and help you expand coverage hours, resulting in increased time and attention dedicated to each patient. Further, we can assist more patients in identifying all potential sources of payment for their health services, while maintaining a high standard of quality. This creates a positive experience for patients while also improving client cash collected and account receivables that would otherwise be categorized as bad debt. Everyone wins!

How complex is the payer credentialing process for claim status and eligibility checks if we want to work with Invicta?
We actually require ZERO tedious payer credentialing requirements. Contracted partners with Invicta Health Solutions are immediately connected to our suite of payers for claim status and eligibility and do not need to provide any payer portal credentials or user access information of any kind. If you’d like to learn more or discuss our solutions, just send an email to and you’ll be connected with the right contact.