Out of state medicaid

Invicta offers clients the ultimate in trust, flexibility, and customization for Out of State Medicaid Billing.

  •  Handle all Medicaid claims – fee for service and managed care
  •  Manage all aspects of billing, collection, and provider enrollment
  •  Work the claim from beginning to end or wherever you would like us to fit in your process
  •  Dedicated, seasoned RCM team with decades of experience
  •  Robust reporting capabilities can include dollars by state, account status, and account status code
  •  No minimum number of accounts or account balance
  •  Minimal paperwork needed to begin, and we accept electronic or paper files

application Process 

Provider number AUTOMATION and customization

  • Provider Number Tracking by State
  •  Payer Demographics
  •  IP/OP Provider Number
  •  Timely Filing Deadlines
  •  Notes Field for Payer Requirements
  •  Effective/Expiration Tracking
  •  Automated Alert for Expiring IDs
  •  Active Total Charges Updated
  •  Maintain Prioritization in Workflow
  •  Interconnectivity to Invicta internal
  •  Clearinghouse
  •  Electronic Billing Available for All Payers with Supplied 837 File


  •  Monthly Invoicing
  •  Monthly Performance Reports
  •  Resolved Reports
  •  Electronic Notes Transmission
  •  Active Provider Number Reporting
  •  Ad Hoc Reporting Available