The Invicta team identifies and secures all available coverage options available to our clients’ uninsured / self-pay patients. Our technology provides the ability to expand coverage hours resulting in increased time and attention dedicated to each patient. These technologies allow us to assist more patients in identifying all potential sources of payment for their health services, while maintaining a high standard of quality. By finding payment sources, enrolling patients in programs for which they are eligible, and managing all aspects of the financial claims process, we create a positive experience for your patients while improving your cash collected and account receivables that would otherwise be categorized as bad debt.

In today’s ever-changing healthcare climate, providers are looking for ways to:

  • Maximize enrollment in all available public assistance programs
  • Increase the number of Outpatient and Emergency Department patients screened
  • Reduce bad debt by screening accounts for charity, disability and other sources of payment
  • Identify available socioeconomic resources that positively impact the lives of patients

Tablet enabled enrollment

Invicta coverage consultants ensure that every payer source is identified and considered. Going beyond Medicaid and county indigent plans, we will help your patients find every local, state and federal program for which they are eligible, while assisting them through the application process.

Our team of coverage consultants and disability specialists will connect your patients to available socioeconomic programs within the community that support family health and well-being such as housing, utility assistance, food stamps, financial aid and low-cost dental care. Our process ensures more reimbursement opportunities and greater community impact.


For handling high volumes, our SMS and phone software provides several efficiency tools for our call center Enrollment teams tasked with primary, secondary and outpatient enrollment workflows. Among the most important features of the platform is its ability to accurately track individual, team, and call center-wide performance both in report format for clients as well as in real time for managerial oversight. The system’s real time call analytics and whisper capabilities allow managers to track current conversations and interject with the user and caller when necessary to optimize the patient experience. The seamless integration of call, email, IVR and SMS capabilities under a single platform that can be utilized concurrently by end users to maximize efficiency and patient response rates is a significant advantage.

Our mobile screening tool is zip code driven and guides patients through a series of simple questions to identify all available public programs and socioeconomic resources.

This cutting-edge screening solution is flexible and can be used in multiple settings delivering comprehensive results directly to patients via text, email or in print, in less than two minutes.

The results from our screening tool are immediately integrated into our EOS™ system where our workflows and documents are managed. Additionally, the EOS™ platform works with all hospital systems eliminating any rework used to transfer information between systems. This means more human capital is available to serve patients and work more complex accounts while Robotic Process Automation handles more of the administrative work and drives the account through the workflow.

Our robust EOS™ platform is custom designed by experts to automatically detect deficiencies in the enrollment process resulting in custom workflows for our staff. Once the program with the highest reimbursement is determined, the system intelligence will begin creating deficiencies or incomplete work queues, that guide the coverage consultant through the tasks required to secure enrollment.