The use of cognitive technology to automate business processes has become the most important factor in evaluating an effective revenue cycle operation. The systemic redesign of traditional revenue cycle workflows is necessary to ensure that humans and machines augment each other’s strengths and overcome individual weakness. We understand this transformation does not happen overnight. Invicta’s EOS™ suite of technology services are designed to create an incremental roadmap of improvement while capturing key analytics that can be used to drive future change.

“Invicta is tackling traditional RCM challenges with dimensional intelligence, correlation analytics and transcendent technology. Fascinating outcomes happen when inspiration meets the absence of ego. I am proud of the team’s dedication to energizing the revenue cycle industry in 2020-2021 and beyond.”

Donny Zamora, CEO

Our EOS™ technology, which uses Robotic Process Automation, will allow us to efficiently and accurately review each patient’s demographic and eligibility related information prior to submission. Invicta is at the forefront of this new technology.

This technology enables our team to focus human intervention on problematic and complex situations which often yield higher dollars for our clients and increase patient satisfaction.

Our mobile screening tool is zip code driven and guides patients through a series of simple questions to identify all available public programs and socioeconomic resources.

This cutting-edge screening solution is flexible and can be used in multiple settings delivering comprehensive results directly to patients via text, email or in print, in less than two minutes.

The results from our screening tool are immediately integrated into our EOS™ system where our workflows and documents are managed. Additionally, the EOS™ platform works with all hospital systems eliminating any rework used to transfer information between systems. This means more human capital is available to serve patients and work more complex accounts while Robotic Process Automation handles more of the administrative work and drives the account through the workflow.

Our robust EOS™ platform is custom designed by experts to automatically detect deficiencies in the enrollment process resulting in custom workflows for our staff. Once the program with the highest reimbursement is determined, the system intelligence will begin creating deficiencies or incomplete work queues, that guide the coverage consultant through the tasks required to secure enrollment.

Invicta’s EOS Fit™ (Functional Inspired Training) platform is committed to offering pertinent and valuable training programs to ensure our team members are successful.