As creators and early adopters in Robotic Process Automation development, API design and development, and systems integration technology, Invicta’s technology engineers approach their work in the revenue cycle management field with a mandate from leadership to “innovate and automate.” Our engineers are deployed to every project to ensure seamless data transfers between Invicta and clients and to ensure that every project aligns with Invicta’s best practices in process development. Our RCM methodology originates from a migration plan model with an evolving suite of Solutions and Services to amplify areas of work that have the highest return on investment and lowest cost impacts for Invicta as well as our clients. This methodology has greatly condensed our life cycle of research, product development, and implementation. 

We often are asked by clients, industry colleagues and collaborators how we prioritize new offerings and challenges. We understand that the necessary redesign of revenue cycle workflows does not happen overnight for our clients. Invicta’s proprietary suite of technology solutions and services are designed and continuously tweaked to create an incremental roadmap of improvement while capturing key analytics that can be used to drive future change. Humans and machines can and will augment each other’s strengths and overcome individual weakness, and our metrics prove it. What new automation tools should you incorporate into your RCM system right now?

Change for the right reasons

While we won’t attempt to answer this question for every vendor, healthcare system and hospital, we can shed some light on our overarching philosophy on innovation. Automation requires that technical and technological resources are manipulated so that we can look for new and better efficiencies for our clients. 

Change for the sake of change isn’t a best practice. Change to evolve, improve effectiveness, efficiency, and the speed at which we deliver services? These are absolutely best practices. That’s why we moved very quickly to build, test, and deploy a real-time claim status solution for our clients. We designed our proprietary solution to be HIPAA-compliant with easy to understand reporting metrics and competitive pricing models. 

Healthcare executives want better, faster integrated human/machine solutions

Too many insurance carrier web portals are difficult for hospital claims specialists to use for patient-by-patient status verifications. When claim status verifications can be done quickly with a reduced error frequency and minimal implementation timelines, everything moves faster for the hospital and for patients. We can take these tedious, time consuming tasks off your plate to help expand coverage hours, resulting in increased time and attention dedicated to each patient. 

A manual claim status or eligibility check for a patient simply takes much more time than electronic verification. Real-time verification accelerates the process, improving revenue cycle management results for your facilities. Whether you want to use real-time API or “Next Day” batch connectivity, Invicta can customize your solution and identify and secure all available coverage options for your uninsured/self-pay patients. We have flexible file exchange workflows, so we complete the work overnight with viable responses back to clients the following morning. 

Patients will benefit

We can assist more patients in identifying all potential sources of payment for their health services, while maintaining a high standard of quality. This creates a positive experience for patients while also improving client cash collected and account receivables that would otherwise be written off as bad debt. 

Expansive Payer Inclusion – over 700 nationwide

Invicta developed our real-time claim status solution relying on automation experts along with veteran medical billing experts. Invicta can produce Real-time Claim Status access to over 700 payers nationwide including Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Administration, HMOs, and all major commercial and managed care payers. And, with Claim Status for Medicare part A and Medicare part B, we will add your client NPI/Tax IDs to our Medicare access. 

Seamless reporting

One of the most common complaints we hear from prospective clients is how the data elements are reported back. Invicta doesn’t require clients to purchase separate batches for eligibility versus claim status. Whether you are looking to verify a patient’s coverage, or looking for a claim status for your Rev Cycle team, both are available with a single subscription. Second, when we provide a response, we share it in a way that allows the recipient to easily see data elements (via API JSON or .csv) at the claim level as well as the line-item level. Finally, we deliver reporting via an SFTP custom-built just for you. 

  •  Real-time API or batch connectivity
  •  “Next Day” turn around response time for batches
  •  Flexible file exchange workflows for batch connectivity
  •  Complete the work overnight with viable responses to you the following morning
  •  File exchange delivery via custom-built SFTP just for you
  •  No tedious payer credentialing requirements – a simple one-page signed authorization form is all we need
  •  Add a custom field to your return file to facilitate automation or workflows for your internal workflow management system
  •  Crosswalk your EPIC billing indicators with X12 Claim Status codes to maximize your staff’s efficiency

Easy implementation

Online portal access is not required for our clients to benefit from our proprietary Claim Status and Eligibility solutions. A simple one-page signed authorization form is all that is needed from the client.  

Contracted partners with Invicta Health Solutions are immediately connected to our suite of payers for claim status and eligibility and do not need to provide any payer portal credentials or user access information of any kind. 

Let’s pose the original question again: What new automation tools should you incorporate into your RCM system right now? We hope you consider the options that integrate: human creativity and innovation with machine-based capacity and higher yield; benefit patients as well as providers; cast a wide net; make reporting more accessible; and are simple to implement. 

If you’d like to bring real-time claim status to your organization, contact us at for more information.