Fall 2021 Bits & Bytes – Issue #11

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From our Chief Executive Officer

Happy Fall, Team Invicta! What a year it’s been for all of us so far. The Healthcare industry – and most notably the field of healthcare revenue cycle management – continues to rapidly change as technology and pressure from external forces create opportunity for greater impact with both patients and their families, as well as the hospital facilities that care for them. We are proud to advance our reputation and visibility in the marketplace as an “automate and innovate” business. And we know that the best technology is useless without forward-thinking, inquisitive, smart, and caring individuals to deploy it. We deeply value our personnel, and we welcome transparent conversations to help evolve our culture and our standards.

Please join me in welcoming our latest new team members to Invicta:

Tia Brophy, Coverage Consultant – Orlando
Gissel Cruz, Coverage Consultant – Dr. Phillips
Daniela Delgado, Coverage Consultant – Remote
Robert Griffin, Chief Growth Officer
Nienna Nardone, HIM Specialist – Orlando
Crystal Ortiz, Coverage Consultant – Arnold Palmer
Brittany Rollins, HIM Specialist – Remote

Jaelle Thrift, Claims Analyst – Remote

Later this month, you’ll all be receiving a little something to help keep you warm as the weather cools. Enjoy!

Donny Zamora

From our Chief Client Officer

As we enter the 4th quarter of the year, we want to invite all employees to participate in an InvictaSERV project. As a refresher – or for those of you who are brand new – Invicta team members across the US are encouraged to participate in community service projects several times a year as a way of giving back.

Here are a few of our placements already planned:

Orlando: US Hunger
St. Petersburg: United Way of the Suncoast
Melbourne/Palm Bay: Space Coast Basket Brigade
Houston/Austin: Kids Meals
Nashville: Second Harvest

If you are in a market on your own and/or need a remote option, contact Jen Evans at jevans@invictahs.com if you’d like help identifying a local non-profit that fits you. Remember, you’re eligible for an annual “Volunteer Time Off” day after 6 months of full-time employment.

The photos we’re sharing here are from a recent volunteer service project for Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia that we participated in as part of our involvement with Georgia HFMA’s Fall Institute. Thank you, Robert Griffin, for your many volunteer hours for the Georgia Chapter. And a special hat tip to our caring leader, Donny Zamora, who helped to package up 453 meals for those in need.

Jude Crowell

An update from our Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management

You’ve heard Invicta colleagues and people outside the company talk about “bots.” What is a bot and why do you need one? Simply put, a bot is an autonomous program or tool that can interact with systems and/or users. The RCM team creates bots to eliminate unnecessary steps in productive work. And our team must work in tandem to decide what needs to be automated. This is the future we are moving towards.

For Invicta’s work in Retro-Authorizations, it is the client’s expectation that we review each account in the workflow every day for approved Auth numbers. In past, the only way to do that was to review each account individually. We could see that it was taking too much time for an employee to go through and update “status” on every single pending account (several hours per day). With a bot in place, we knew it would take a fraction of the time.

We first discussed the possibility as a team. Each team member was able to look at the bot from a different angle via their own expertise and specializations. This helped to ensure that we would fill potential gaps and, more importantly, not create new gaps in the workflow. Then we addressed our plan with the client and began developing the bot with support from a trusted vendor/partner. It took about a week to build. The integration has taken a bit longer, as anticipated. However, I hope to announce Bot/EOS integration by the end of this month.

This new bot is proof that we can take repetitive, time-consuming, manual processes and build an automated solution for our team and – by extension – for our clients. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks as always to the Enrollment team and leadership. They are a wealth of knowledge! And, special thanks to Derek, who was able to help me translate this vision into reality. What’s next? You’ll have to wait and see!

Summer Dobbs

From our Vice Presidents of Operations

The Enrollment team has demonstrated some superb performance in the past few months. And, yes, we have had challenges. Changes in client protocols, staffing shifts, and learning more robust performance tools. As the entire healthcare industry continues to trend to a higher percentage of minimal patient contact engagement, our team members who deal with patients and their families on the front lines have had to adapt as well. For example, we’ve seen a record number of isolation cases in 2021. Our Coverage Consultants and leadership team have had to think critically about purposeful and engaging contact to patients and families, as well as for follow-up procedures. Further, we’re all navigating the new COVID response environment. Our monthly success is phenomenal in this day and age where we have encountered much change and new occurrences due to COVID. 

Despite the hurdles, there have been some heart-warming patient responses and some revenue-increasing improvements. Here are examples of the feedback we’ve received from patients in the past few months:

“I want to thank your company and specially Mr. Figueroa for the way he treated my mom’s case. She is an immigrant from Spain and in need of continuous cancer treatment. The referral he sent to Moffitt Clinic is saving my mom. They called her the very next day and she is now in treatment. Bless your company and all the people like Mr. Figueroa.”

“Let me first start off by saying Ciara is very pleasant and very easy to work with. When my case was about to close and close to being denied she did everything in her power to make sure that we were able to be approved. I shared my experience with her on how it started in the beginning and let her know it started off a little rocky.”

It is critical that we all continue to identify new solutions and bring new ideas to the table. We invite you to be a part of how Invicta refines our best practices in all Operations. In the near future, you’ll be asked to participate in a survey process to give feedback on our current tech, how it’s working, and if there are solutions we could implement to better reach our patient base.

Special thanks to our management team — Juan Figueroa, Sue Dorsey, Gloria Maupin, Julie Storie, Meybelline Majano, and Leishla Maysonet – for being the glue that holds our Enrollment Service delivery together. We are in awe of their commitment to Invicta and to our teams.

Finally, as Jude’s article referenced, we are gearing up for community service! For those of you in the greater Orlando area, we look forward to seeing you at US Hunger for our InvictaSERV project on October 30. And for those in Melbourne/Palm Bay, we’ll be participating in the Space Coast Basket Brigade on November 20. Please remember to send Melissa your confirmation as well as any friends and family members who will volunteer with you.

Melissa Lochman and Tiffany Echevarria


From our Chief Brand Officer

Greetings, Brand Invicta Ambassadors! Welcome to all the new team members. I want to share a few reminders for all:

First, Invicta’s President, Derek Shaw, recently presented on RCM productivity in the Client Congress virtual conference that launched last week. All sessions are free and on-demand. You can find details and links on our social channels. Derek will be co-hosting a webinar panel discussion with Modern Healthcare on how to “Improve productivity in your RCM process” tomorrow. Register for FREE now and check it out.

Second, please join us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. You’ll see news updates on these channels about our philanthropic endeavors, job postings, new blog post links from our News page, and industry news. It’s a good way to learn about other aspects of our business – and hopefully to share some of it with your friends and family.

Finally, all employees can access our Financial Literacy program through ADP Workforce Now Learning by searching for Financial Literacy. All modules are uploaded on the platform and are available to work through at your own pace. The participant guides and presentations are easy to follow and work through step by step as you like. Reach out to Kim Saied at ksaied@invictahs.com if you have trouble.

Jen Evans